Seizing the Truth, Healing the Past,Creating a Hopeful Future!



Forging friendships, facing suicide, testing the boundaries of love, and taking strong medicine in order to confront the past and discover their future, they travel juxtaposed in time, hidden in the jungles of Nam, the deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq surrounded by Americana as they travel down the streets of a small U.S. town arriving on a Native American Reservation in Arizona.  Could it be where warriors of all kinds are always welcomed home?

Brotherkeeper, a compelling fictional novel about three military families, invites the reader to the battlegrounds and dinner tables of our returning veterans to explore their anguish and triumphs as they navigate re-entry into civilian life.

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About The Author

If one were to try and understand the tract of an individual’s life there would be a few markers that would be important to pay attention to.

  • Where and how did they grow up?
  • What events in their childhood set life long patterns?
  • Who did they and do they love?
  • How did they become educated?
  • What would they bleed for?


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Making and Un-making of a Marine

What I offer in my book The Making and Un-making of a Marineis my life’s journey, which includes as part of its central theme the Viet Nam War and my search for a role in the world after the War.

My father and my community were where the first makings of a Marine happened. I grew up in the small town of New Paltz during 1950s and ’60s. Dad’s dedication to making me a man through hard work and the local boy scouts planting the seeds of heroism became my boyhood tools.

At 19, the U.S. Marine Corps took over the stripping away and reshaping of my identity. The Marines sent me to Viet Nam where my exposure to violence and inhumanity deeply wounded my being at a level that would take years to recognize and longer yet to start curing.

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